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112080 Maire Mint Fire-Up

LIC Holstein-Friesians have been proven in a number of international trials to be more fertile, produce better milk solids % and be all round more profitable than North American and European Holsteins.


Selected LIC Holstein-Friesians can:

  • - Increase feed conversion efficiency
  • - Increased fertility
  • - Increase Milk-solids %
  • - Improve lifetime production through more lactations
  • - Provide strain vigour benefits when breed over Northern Hemisphere Holsteins
  • - Out perform any other breed as a third cross option due to maintaining genetic merit


LIC Holstein-Friesian data carries the % KiwiFriesian

‘The New Zealand Friesian’ is synonymous with two elements of successful dairying - fertility and longevity.

Today’s strain is the result of more than 100 years of selective pressure, applied by New Zealand farmers who needed cows for seasonal dairying, and their farm improvement company, LIC.

Ultimately you will benefit from a strain that blends the best dairy bloodlines in the world. A strain that many farmers, worldwide, believe to be the ideal dairy cow; quite rightly called ‘KiwiFriesian’.


Check out the LIC Holstein-Friesian bull team

312034 Okura Goldie Index

LIC Jerseys have been proven to perform profitably in a number of environments all over the world. Actual proof comparisons not conversions, suggest strongly that LIC Jerseys are outperforming many of the heavily used global Jersey sires.


Selected LIC Jerseys can:

  • - Increase capacity and strength
  • - Increase fertility
  • - Provide a perfect out crossing solution
  • - Improve total solids
  • - Improve lifetime production through more lactations
  • - Increase herd profitability


Check out the LIC Jersey bull team

511011 Priests Sierra

LIC's KiwicrossTM was developed to combine genetic merit from two of the largest dairy genetic breed pools - Holstein-Friesian and Jersey.


Selected LIC KiwiCross can:

  • - Maintain Genetic Merit when cross breeding
  • - Be a perfect breeding option over first cross Holstein x Jersey
  • - Improve or maintain fertility
  • - Provide capacity and sound udders
  • - Improve lifetime production and be very profitable
  • - Be a sound solution for progressive commercial farmers seeking higher profits


Use this breed to put over your Holstien or crossbred cows to keep a consistent size, whilst retaining some Hybrid Vigour. You can also use this breed to inject higher components into your Holstein cows.

KiwiCross are generally ideal for heifers, as the sires are mostly all easy calving.


Check out the LIC Kiwicross bull team

514613 Te Matai Elvis

Ayrshire’s are medium sized cattle with excellent dairy conformation. Ayrshire’s have an inbuilt hardiness that enables them to tolerate extremes of climate.


Selected Ayrshires have:

  • Excellent dairy conformation.
  • Ease of calving
  • Natural hardiness & foraging ability
  • Ease of milking
  • Positive farmer scored traits
  • Longevity
  • Low Somatic Cell Count


Check the LIC Ayrshire bull team

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