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Pasture to Profit Consultants

At LIC we understand the goal for dairy farmers is to build a sustainable, resilient and profitable business. But it is a demanding industry to operate in. Driving efficiency and profitability, while remaining environmentally conscious, does not come without its challenges. That is why we established the Pasture to Profit network, to ensure you are supported at every step of the process to reach your business goals.

The Pasture to Profit network is a group of impartial, expert consultants and like-minded, dairy farmers around the UK and Ireland dedicated to increasing breeding efficiency, herd health, and maximising profits from pasture-based dairy farming, through regular meet ups. By acknowledging the changing trends of the dairy industry and encouraging forward-thinking, Pasture to Profit assists dairy farmers to create a more sustainable future and enjoyable lifestyle on their farms. Unlocking the potential to grow more grass, creating a system that increases productivity, efficiency and profitability for your farm and, in-turn, improving quality of life, is at the core of our system. To achieve this, we offer farmers access to group support sessions, specialised services, and bespoke 1:1 consultancy. Find out more below:

Discussion groups

Comprising of like-minded farmers in your region, LIC facilitates ‘Discussion Group’ meet-ups throughout the year, that bring expert knowledge and experience together to discuss a range of topics that are relevant to your farm. Whether it’s challenges you’re facing as you head into breeding season, slurry management or financial performance, find out how to overcome these challenges, learn new skills to help you achieve your goals and hear success stories from your peers.

Once a year we also undertake a Comparable Farm Profit meeting where we review the physical and financial performance of the business involved and set targets for the new year to help the members achieve their business goals.

Grazing management

For high input farmers looking to take on more grazing, whether it’s to take a step closer towards block calving or to meet the requirements of milk contracts, we can help. We’ll work closely with farmers to map out an adequate system to ensure your herd is highly productive in and out of pasture.

Changing systems

Moving into an Autumn, Spring or split block calving system can seem a daunting task and often, farmers don’t know where to begin. LIC consultants have the knowledge and experience to help farmers transition to pasture-based farming systems, with ease. We can provide in-person, step-by-step guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Mating management & performance

Mating time is the most important few months of the year for farmers. Success here means sustainability and productivity for years to come. To confirm you’re on the right track, our impartial LIC consultants will assess your mating processes and results, identify any issues that might be impacting productivity, and will offer tips and advice where they see improvements can be made.

Stock management

Managing stock adequately from the time they are young calves through to maturity, impacts productivity performance. Farmers need to make sure that a heifer hits their targets during their life and are as productive as possible to ensure the sustainability of the farm. Our LIC consultants assist farmers every step of the way, from calf to cow, then back in calf, ensuring all goals are hit throughout the lifetime of the animal and extending its longevity.

Feed budgeting

Feed budgeting is core to a productive and sustainable farming system. LIC consultants visit farms on request to assess feed management processes and help farmers plan for the year ahead. This ensures farmers can get through winters or droughts with adequate silage, so they don’t end up paying high prices.

Annual review

To continuously improve and become more productive, farmers need to understand what aspects of their farming systems work and what might need improvement. Using up to date benchmarking, our expert LIC consultants are there to help you with your annual assessment of your breeding plan, constantly reviewing your feeding regime and can provide an in-depth report summarising your current situation and how you can improve for the following season.

1:1 support

At LIC, we know every farm is different. So we offer a personalised service where we jointly work through your requirements for profitability, and we will deliver. That could be monthly visits to assess your breeding management plans or assistance with records management and financial performance reviews. Whatever you need from our LIC consultants, we can provide a service that suits your needs.

Contact one of our Pasture to Profit consultant today for support and advice on how you can improve the profitability and sustainability of your dairy farming business.