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Pasture Plate Meters

Effective feed budgeting is the key to meeting the needs of grazing livestock whilst optimising pasture use efficiency and maintaining pasture quality.  LIC UK offers a range of pasture management and feed budgeting tools by Jenquip to help monitor pasture growth, calculate pasture dry matter and create an effective feed budget.



A range of manual and electronic platemeters, software and tools for accurate grass measurement and management. The electronic counter units for the EC-09 and EC-10 are also available as separate kits to upgrade all models of rising plate pasture meter (Manual, F100, F150, F200, F300, EC-09, Farmtracker).

An accurate, robust and easy-to-use rising plate pasture meter for measuring pasture cover in grass paddocks. The unique folding handle design and removable plate also make the Filip’s Manual Folding Plate Meter easy to transport, store and carry between paddocks.

The Filip’s Electronic Folding Plate Meter EC-09and EC-10 are a little easier to use, though it does cost more. The instant readout is also great for training users to assess pasture cover ‘by eye’. All the calculations are done for you, so only a single value needs to be written down for each paddock.

The main elements of the two meters are identical – it’s only the counters that differ. They’re both high quality, accurate and reliable rising plate pasture meters and we don’t recommend one meter over the other. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and budget.


Get in touch with LIC UK to order Jenquip pasture management tools.