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Grazing is still possible

As autumn has progressed in the north, grazing for many farmers has become a real challenge. Pasture to Profit Consultant Bess Jowsey offers some advice.

Advice on reducing the number of short returns during mating

With autumn block farmers gearing up for the start of mating, the main focus is around getting cows back in calf and, more importantly, back in calf at the front end of the block. Are you doing it the most cost-effective way? Is there a way you can keep your block tight while reducing costs?

LIC feature in British Dairying magazine

Read the latest editions of British Dairying magazine. A comprehensive monthly trade magazine for farmers, vets and others involved in the UK dairy industry.

Set your farm up for success

Pasture to Profit Farm Consultant, Bess Jowsey explains the importance of setting up the best grazing plan for a jump start on next year.

Reseeding - evolution, not revolution

As farmers start thinking of autumn reseeds, pasture to profit consultant Sean Chubb runs through some options to help mitigate the risk of a feed shortage during summer.

Castiles Farm - More profit, fewer hours

Castiles Farm partners with LIC to help achieve their goal of building a more sustainable, resilient and profitable business.

Maximising grass utilisation this Autumn

With levels of rainfall extremely variable across the north over the last month there has been a definite east – west divide in terms of grazing conditions, grass growth and farm cover. Regardless of how your grass situation is tracking the goals for achieving autumn grazing and protecting grass for next spring are the same.

Rain brings some relief

Rainfall across the north has brought some relief to farmers, although without more in some areas this is just enough to keep things growing for a few weeks. Soil conditions are still firm making achieving consistent even residuals easier as the rotations build.

Key considerations for your crossbreeding strategy

Crossbreeding of traditional breeds isn’t new to UK dairy producers. Decades of genetic selection and crossbreeding using different strains or breeds has seen gains in milk yield, protein and fat production as well as in cow conformation and management traits.

How to manage your grass when the sun comes

Ongoing social distancing and the spring weather have made the past month very unusual. I believe it has been the longest period of sustained sunshine I’ve experienced since arriving from New Zealand 10 years ago. While fine weather is welcome it has farmers nervous about the season to come.

When is extending AI most useful for farmers?

Artificial insemination (AI) is a tool that farmers have been using to drive their businesses forwards for decades. It delivers the very best of dairy bull genetics to farmers around the world at an unprecedented scale, reducing the spread of disease between and within herds and brings health and safety benefits as fewer stock bulls are required on farm.

Exciting project in Germany

LIC Europe is working with New Zealand companies, Gallagher and Waikato Milking Systems, on a unique project started by Irish farmers, Paul and Stephen Costello, in Germany. The Costello’s have invested in a 1600ha unit just south of Brandenburg. The farm is unique to the area, aiming to produce pasture-based milk for local consumers.

Be more sustainable with energy-efficient cows

As the UK works towards reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the agricultural industry has been put under the microscope. In a report from GOV.UK, agriculture was found as the source of 10% of total GHG emissions in the UK and of these, emissions 90% is nitrogen and methane from livestock and pastures.

Make the most of your grass

Life has changed dramatically for me since last month, although feedback from my clients suggests that life on farm is relatively normal – apart from the kids being at home! The weather has also dramatically shifted through April. Ground conditions are now ideal for grazing and in some cases farmers are hoping for a spot of rain to keep things fresh and growing.

Understanding your risk in uncertain times

The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown now affecting farmers across the UK, and milk buyers are either requesting a decrease in milk supply, reducing the price, deferring payment or, in some cases, a combination of these. LIC’s Pasture to Profit farm consultant Sean Chubb has come up with some clear-cut advice to help dairy producers through these challenging times.

Step towards better animal predictions

LIC has invested $70 million over the last three decades to improve the accuracy of its animal evaluation system with improved data providing better predictions on breeding worth for our farmers and industry.

How to cope with a difficult spring

Managing this year’s ‘spring flush’ will be a challenge for us all. With the unprecedented amount of rain over spring, farmers in the North have struggled to adhere to their spring rotation plans.

How to improve heat detection efficiency

Selecting cycling cows for mating and identifying non-cycling cows for intervention is crucial to maximising pregnancy rates during mating.

COVID-19 update – we are still here for you

In recent light of the ever-evolving situation concerning COVID-19, LIC UK’s number one priority is the safety of you, your staff and family, and our people.

Tips for pre-mating this season

Mating time is the most important few months of the year for farmers. Success here means sustainability and productivity for years to come.

Benefits of early grazing

So far, this winter has been relatively warm and wet. Apart from areas that have become water-logged, you could say it's been a ‘growy’ season.

The 6th Annual Cream Awards

The 6th Annual Cream Awards, organised by British Dairying magazine, was held at Chesford Grange on 6th February, bringing together 400 guests to celebrate the best of the dairy industry.

Could NZ drought strategies help during the current UK climate?

Following an extended winter and a slow wet spring, many parts of the country are now experiencing unprecedented dry conditions and its essential farmers have a grassland strategy in place, and act on it, to get through the current situation.

What makes a good UK grazing cow?

The Grangers, who farm near Bude in Cornwall and who have been working with LIC for 18 years to create the cows they want to milk and that best suit their system and milk contract, helped us make our latest video ‘What makes a good UK grazing cow?”.

LIC to increase its investment in UK agribusiness

New Zealand-based dairy farmer-owned co-operative, Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), is increasing its investment in National Milk Records PLC (NMR), the leading supplier of farm management recording services in the United Kingdom, to nearly 20%.

How to use a plate meter

If you’re new to using a plate meter, or know someone who is, have a look at our new video.

Acidosis in grazing cows – beware of bad advice

Dr John Roche will be one of the key note speakers at this year’s Pasture to Profit Conference on Thursday November 9th. Below John, Principle Consultant at Down to Earth Advice Ltd, discusses the realities of SARA in grazing cows.

Rotational grazing

Pasture to Profit consultant Piers Badnell discusses the fundamentals of setting up a successful and profitable rotational grazing system.

LIC Terms and Conditions

LIC UK has undergone a few changes over the last few months as we look at better ways to support our farmers in the UK and Ireland.

Pasture to Profit Conference Update

Farmers from across the UK gathered in November at Worcester Rugby club for the LIC (UK) Pasture to Profit Conference, entitled 'Beyond the Trough’. It was lively day, full of much debate and the exchange of ideas, and it brought together experts, farmers and technical specialists to look at some of the topical challenges facing the UK dairy industry today. Below is a short film about the conference which explains why UK farmers return to the conference year after year.

Autumn Grazing

Good autumn grazing is not only about what can be gained from high quality grass at the shoulder of the season, but also about setting up for a successful start to Spring 2017.