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Comparing Across Breeds & Base Cow

The New Zealand bull data on this website is displayed across all breeds (unless stated). This is in line with how data is displayed in New Zealand by NZAEL and LIC.

NOTE: In the past, LIC displayed bull data for International market within breed.

Why Across All Breed?

Because many LIC customers in New Zealand and around the world select genetics from multiple breeds for optimal herd performance, it is important for farmers to understand how an animal should perform within the whole herd, not just within one breed of the herd.

LIC believe that an across breed evaluation is the best tool to help you make breeding choices geared toward making your herd the most profitable it can be. 

All of the NZAEL (New Zealand Animal Evaluation) bull BVs on this site are expressed relative to the base group, who’s production and TOP information has been set to zero.

The current genetic base used for calculating Breeding Worth (BW) and breeding values is the average of all 21,585 qualifying cows born in the year 2005. They each had to be weighed, TOP inspected and herd tested at least four times.


Production is reported on their 270-day lactation yields relative to 4.5t Dry Matter:

Fat (kg) 218
Protein (kg 174
Volume (litres) 4595
Liveweight (kg) TBA
Fertility TBA
Somatic Cell Count 0.04
Body Condition Score 4.11

For more information on the base cow visit the Animal Evaluation website.

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