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19 Apr 2015

Why Use LIC Genetics

More and more farmers around the globe are looking to LIC as their genetics supplier. Why?

There are four primary reasons. First, New Zealand and LIC have been stringently selected for a 365-day calving interval for over 50 years. This has lead to our cattle strains being significantly superior to other strains for fertility, thus dairymen wishing to improve this key profit driver know that they can rely on us.

105038 Mint-Edition dtrs are produce very good milk volume and milk solids production, have wonderful udders and are easily managed.

Second, the move to A+B-C milk payments in many parts of the world increasingly rewards those farmers able to supply high component milk. The average milk component transmission of the LIC Holstein-Friesian team is 4.3% fat and 3.5% protein while for the Jersey breed the averages are 5.3% fat and 4.0% protein.

Third, though New Zealand has sampled elite genes from around the globe in our Holstein-Friesian, Jersey and Ayrshire breeds, LIC has been able to maintain significant populations of its native strains and therefore can offer you valuable outcross opportunities - without sacrificing profitability.

306025 Joskin dtrs are typical of the New Zealand Jersey strain.

And fourth, dairymen that make the shift to grazing based systems quickly find, just as we have in New Zealand, that genetics selected and optimised for performance in confinement systems don't perform as profitably on grass as genetics specifically selected and optimised for pasture!

With many LIC bulls you get all four of these characteristics in one profitable package.

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