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27 Nov 2014

Who Is LIC

Where we go, others follow.
That’s not a statement of arrogance, it’s one of fact.

LIC has pioneered so many things that, today, are taken for granted in the dairy industry in New Zealand and worldwide.

We were there when the first herd tests were done, the first AI was done and the first animal recording was done. Over the years our name has been behind some of the biggest innovations in dairy science - the development of Long
Last Liquid (fresh semen which would last up to four days in the field), Short Gestation bulls and, most recently, a team of genomically selected bulls.

We’ve been around for 100+ years and our vision hasn’t wavered. In contrast with others, we don’t exist to ‘just make a sale’; we exist to provide commercial dairy farmers with solutions which will boost their productivity
and profitability. It’s as simple - and as complex - as that.

Livestock Improvement at a glance :

  • A dairy farmer owned cooperative with annual sales of over NZD$165million
  • 550 Full Time staff around the world - this number burgeons to 1700 during the peak season
  • Our head office is located in Hamilton, New Zealand but we have offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States and Australia with agents in South America and South Africa.
  • Annually invest around one-fifth of our revenue in product development and research and development
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