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20 Apr 2015

TOP (Traits Other Than Production)

Traits Other Than Production (TOP)

The general range for most traits is between -1.00 and +1.00. Bulls with TOP Breeding Values (BV) between -0.30 and +0.30 are not expected to influence much change in the trait.

The descriptors of rump width, capacity and dairy conformation are assessed in relation to the animal’s size. This is different to almost all other major dairying countries and is beneficial because it enables the identification of animals that leave strength, width and desirable frame traits regardless of the animal’s stature (refer to Comparing across breeds).

Farmers score two year old heifers for the four traits related to their management at milking time (Adaptability to milking, Shed temperament and Milking speed) and the overall acceptability of the heifers as herd member (Overall opinion).

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