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27 Apr 2015

Farmer Testimonials

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"At the end of the day I want cows that are tough and can handle all types of conditions. That’s the reason I use LIC sires.

"I used crossbreeds to introduce hybrid vigour into the herd and select bulls with high cow fertility, average stature and black feet. A New Zealand study that proved black feet are harder than white feet.

"In the past I used semen from Norwegian and Scandinavian Reds for a three-way cross, but the Norwegian Reds tended to have poor disposition in the milking parlour and the Scandinavian Reds were not fertile enough to stay in the calving window."

Holly Burley
Graceland dairies, Dansville in West Central New York, USA


"Learning for the experience of long-term graziers, we realised that North American genetics don't work in a grass-based dairy, which lead us to change our semen supply to bulls from New Zealand, specifically from LIC"

"Cow fertility is 'for real' with the LIC New Zealand genetics daughters"

"The conversion to grazing and LIC New Zealand genetics has worked for us, and means we can look forward to many more generations of tillotsons growing up and running a sustainable, profitable business on this farm."

Paul and Jason Tillotson
Full Circle Farm, Pavilion, NY


" I like the fact that the management traits on each LIC bull is reliable because it comes from the people who actually milk the cows. One thing I can say is that the LIC new Zealand daughters are always improvements over their dams - they are functional and trouble free."

"The LIC cattle provide what I'm looking for : they are bred to graze; have good udders, feet and legs; don't have calving problems; and have high fertility with good components.

Arden and Caroline Landis
Green Pastures, Kirkwood, PA


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