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5 May 2015

OAD (Once A Day) & High Input

Once a Day (OAD)

The OAD BV evaluates the tendency of a bull’s progeny to be more efficient in a once a day farming system.

The biggest factor in making OAD successful is milking the right cows. A higher OAD Index is more desirable. As a rule, Jerseys are more efficient in a OAD system.

High Input

High input farmers require animals producing high milk solids with good type (especially udder support), allowing them to carry the extra milk volume.

The High Input index uses information and economic weights appropriate for the average high input system (in New Zealand).
High Input index considers all seven traits in Breeding worth (weighted differently) plus udder overall.

Generally, the High Input index places slightly more emphasis on the somatic cell score, and weights almost one-tenth of the index on the udder.

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