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23 Jul 2014


New Look Website
Welcome to the new look LIC website for International clients and partners.

We are excited to bring to our global customers and partners a fresh looking website which we hope you will be able to navigate much easier than our previous version.

We have a few new functions that will allow you to do more online with LIC. The most exciting is your ability to create an online mini sire catalogue via the bull pages. You can simple add and remove bulls from the list (located on the right hand side of the bull page) "Add to Catalogue" then create the catalogue by selecting the "Print Catalogue" button.

Please Contact Us if you experience any issues with the website or would like to make recommendations.




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  • Scientists discover ‘fat gene’ in cows
    4 April 2014
    LIC scientists have discovered genetic variations which impact milk composition in dairy cows. All cows have the ‘fat gene’, named AGPAT6, but LIC senior scientist Dr Matt Littlejohn says the variations they’ve discovered provide a genetic explanation as to why some cows produce higher fat content in their milk than others.
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