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7 May 2015

Health Traits

Fertility % (within breed)

The objective for herd reproductive performance in most New Zealand herds is to achieve high pregnancy rates in a short time period following the planned start of mating, and to maintain calving intervals very close to 365 days. The Fertility BV refers to the extra likelihood (expressed as a percentage) of a cow to conceive, sustain a pregnancy and calve in the first 42 days of the herd’s calving period.

A Fertility BV of 8% indicates that 4% more daughters are expected to calve in this period compared to a bull with a BV of 0%.

Total Longevity (days)

A sire transmits half of its Longevity Breeding Value to its daughters. Consequently, a bull with a Longevity Value of +200 days is expected to leave daughters that will last 100 days longer in the average New Zealand herd, than a bull with Longevity of zero.

Longevity is a feature of New Zealand dairy animals. Within the pedigree for each sire in this Directory we have included the number of lactations completed by the dam and maternal grand dam to date, along with their average Milkfat and protein production.

Somatic Cell Count (SCC)

Somatic Cell BV indicates a bull’s tendency to breed daughters that are susceptible to lower or higher somatic cell counts. A score of 0.5 equates to approx 35,000 extra SCC transmitted to daughters. A negative SCC score is more desirable.

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