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27 Apr 2015

Genomic Selection (DNA)

It's about Investing in Your future

Genomic Selection is the another innovation in a long line of firsts from the pioneers of Artificial Breeding in dairy animals – LIC.

The real advantage of Genomically Selected sires is that it allows you to access the most advanced genetics years earlier, shortening the generation interval,  than you would otherwise have been able to. It is this ongoing increase in the rate of genetic gain that makes Genomic Selection the most significant development in dairy genetics since artificial insemination began more than 50 years ago.

Basically, with Genomically Selected sires rom LIC you are getting the best genetics — Faster.

Genomic Selection is acheived by selecting bulls for widespread AI use based on their DNA profile rather than waiting for information on the performance of their daughters.

This process, results in a generation interval that’s shorter by upto three years.

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