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19 Apr 2015

Farmer Testimonials

"Following years of disappointing results, after high expectations trying to breed cows that looked and milked like the glossy pictures in the brochures! The decision to use Livestock Improvement sires was more accidental than deliberate".
"Now having used totally LIC genetics for over 10 years I can honestly say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my farming career. The superiority of LIC genetics has played a major role in enabling us to grow the herd over the last decade.
Herd fertility and durability have both improved as have milk solids and profitability".
"LIC cows are a real pleasure to work with, easy to handle and adapt easily and quickly to new environments and people".
"One of the biggest benefits of LIC genetics, often over looked when planning a breeding policy is the reduction in animal health costs, our vet costs are extremely low, with very few veterinary visits for fertility or assisted calvings and virtually no dietary problems".

"In an ever changing world, one of the most predictable and dependable parts of my business is my herd of cows. Performing year after year".
"But don’t take my word for it, get your self out and go and see some for your self".
Robert Craig - Cumbria
“We choose to use LIC genetics because they are an easier animal to manage and cost less to keep”
“Excellent, reliable, same AI tech service, on time every day”
“And who can complain with 6% empties?”
Richard Charmley, Kennels Farm, Whitchurch, Shropshire

"This year we have had a 90% success rate for first inseminations and over the last four years, our empty rate has decreased by 10-12% over 12 weeks".
"We have found that the New Zealand breed cows are bulling longer and harder than our previous breed and are eating less food but still give the same level of production.  The food I am referring to need not be as rich in protein or as high quality".

"I believe the NZ cows will eat less food and still give the same level of production. The feed also does not need to be as rich in protein or as high quality".
Matt Pilkington - (son of Mark Pilkington - Chapel Farm, Barby, Warks). 450 cow herd, autumn calving are part of the Profiteers discussion group.

"I have experienced a 22% increase in herd fertility  in 2010 using LIC semen and AI services".

Jason Phillips - milks 200 spring calving cows at Morebath, Nr Tiverton, Devon,
“10% Empty rate after 10 weeks breeding is what you get after 10 years of LIC genetics”

David  Williams and Partners farm 270 New Zealand Crossbreds on a true grazing system. They have recently moved onto a once a day milking regime and regard that profit, lifestyle, and Rugby are their main drivers. They have been using LIC genetics for many years now and states his recipe for success is simple
David Williams and Partners , Northop, North Wales
"I have used Livestock Improvement Genetics for the last 12 years. It has consistently given me cows that want to graze grass.  Fertility has improved year on year.
"Now that I am on a cheese contract, the cows are providing me with very high components to more than satisfy my contract profile.
"Basically LIC breed the right cows to suit my system of dairy farming".
Tim Simons and he farms 170 acres at Coxhill Farm, Narberth, Pembrokeshire
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