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28 Apr 2015

Farmer Management Traits

Adaptability to Milking
This trait describes how soon the heifer settled into the milking routine after calving.
Scale 1 = Slowly to 9 = Quickly
This trait describes the temperament of the animal in the shed while being handled and milked. It is a different trait to Adaptability to Milking and should be assessed once animals have settled into the milking routine.
Scale 1 = Nervous to 9 = Placid
Milking Speed
This trait describes the milking speed of the animal, ie. the time from putting cups on to the time milk flow stops or cups are taken off.
Scale 1 = Slow to 9 = Fast
Overall Opinion
This trait describes describes the farmer’s overall acceptance of the animal as a herd member.
Scale 1 = Undesirable to 9 = Desirable
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