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19 Apr 2015

Comparing Across Breeds

Comparing Across Breeds

New Zealand’s Animal Evaluation Model ranks animals across breeds. As Jerseys are generally smaller and produce less milk than Holstein-Friesians, most Jersey sires will have negative values for Stature, Liveweight and Milk Volume on an across-breed base.

To help evaluate individual bulls within breed LIC presents Stature, Milk liters, Liveweight and Fertility proofs within breed on this website and catalogues except for (Ireland and Austratia).

Breed averages for traits that are markedly differently between breeds are indicated in the table below.

Milk Volume BV 758 -631 -2 53
Liveweight BV 53 -52 -6 8
Stature 1.1 -1 -0.2 -0.2
Fertility BV -2.6 1.7 1.8 -6.7

Source: NZAEL February 2014

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