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  • Prosperity comes
    from Productivity

    Productivity comes from improvement.
    Lets talk about where improvement comes from.
  • The New Direction
    for Your Success

    LIC is one of the oldest farming co-operatives in New Zealand,
    with a proud history of providing service and solutions
    to improve farmer prosperity since 1909.
  • Genomic Bull Teams

    Farmers who attended the recent LIC Ireland Open Day heard from
    guest speaker Malcolm Ellis of LIC NZ Ltd.

LIC Australia

Welcome to the section dedicated to LIC Australia.

Sire Catalogue

2015 LIC Australia Sire Catalogue. Out May 2015

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Products & Services

LIC Australia offer an arrange on Dairy Industry Products & Services.

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Latest News

The latest news from LIC Australia and New Zealand

What are New Zealand’s top dairy farmers doing?

Utilising the benefits of cross breeding has been fundamental to the success of many New Zealand dairy farmers according to Jack Hooper, Principal Advisor, of the Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC).

Small cows, more milk from Kiwi genetics

Do bigger cows mean more milk in the vat? No, says Australian farmer Sue Walton.

LIC forms strategic partnership with SCR world-leading cow intelligence provider

Farmer-owned co-operative LIC (NZX:LIC) has secured a new strategic partnership with the world-leading cow monitoring and milking intelligence solutions company, SCR.


Around the globe LIC is making an impact.